Adding/editing a navigation

How to add or edit a navigation.

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages” tab. (If the Pages tab does not appear, the administrator has not assigned page editing permissions to you.)

If you have not yet created a navigation for your group, you will be prompted to create one for the first time. To create a new navigation, enter a title, a web-root relative path to the home directory of the navigation (containing pages to be added to this navigation), and check the main navigation checkbox. Marking a navigation as the main navigation will ensure that it displays by default when clicking the “Pages” tab. Click “Save these changes” to save your new navigation.

The navigation screen previews your navigation similar to how it would display on the public web site. If your user does not have permissions to edit navigations, you will not be able to perform any edits on this page. To authorize a user for navigation editing, see “Setting navigation editing permissions”.

For users authorized to edit navigations, follow these steps:

On the navigation screen, the navigation’s home directory, id, and edit details link (used to change the title or home directory) are listed along the top.

One navigation per group is common. If your group requires more than one navigation, use the “create a new navigation” link to add one. If your group already has more than one navigation, a dropdown will appear, allowing you to switch between them.

To add items to your navigation, click “Add a top-level page or link”.

Using the dropdown in the new navigation item entry, choose one of the following: link to an existing page in your navigation’s home directory, link to a different url (for example, on an external site), or add separator text (a non-linked menu divider). You may also click the link to create a new page and automatically add it to the menu (see “Creating a new page” for more information).

Once you’ve made a selection and filled out any additional fields, click the button to save your new item, and it will be added to the navigation.

If you wish to add a new navigation item as a submenu item, beneath an existing one, click “Add sub-link” instead of “Add a top-level page or link”, next to the item that should contain your new entry, and follow the same steps.

To rename a menu item, click the “Rename” link to the right of its title.

To hide a menu item, click the “Hide” link to toggle its visibility.

To remove a menu item entirely, click the “Remove” link.

The reorder menu items, use the crosshairs icon to drag the menu item to its new position.

Once your navigation contains menu items, you can use the collapse and expand all links to open and close the entire menu.

When changes have been made to your navigation, a save button will appear allowing you to save your changes.