About the welcome page

Explanation of the LiveWhale welcome page.

The LiveWhale welcome page lists the various modules that have been assigned to you (news, events, etc.) with links to their management pages.

In addition to these links, up to three sections may appear:

  • Notifications. This section is labeled “Attention, please” and is highlighted in red. Notifications sent to your group or to you personally will appear here. Once you have reviewed the notification, you may click the “Dismiss” link to clear it.
  • Group activity. A summary of group activity appears labeled “In your group”. This previews recent activity that has taken place within your group. Administrators will also receive a link to the activity module, which provides many more options for viewing activity.
  • Pages you’ve recently edited. If you’ve been given page editing permissions, a recent edits history will appear here.

The welcome page can also be configured to display help/support information specific to your institution. This can be configured in the master LiveWhale config file (/livewhale/core/config.php).