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If you have some important content— a news story, a gallery, a profile, etc.— and you want it to stay on the top of the list, it’s easy:  Just attach a balloon to it.

With most of LiveWhale’s content types, the newest content you create is added to the top of your list.  (The exceptions are events, which always appear in chronological order, and profiles, which are listed in alphabetical order.)  Balloons let you override the default ordering to float important things to the top of lists.

Balloons also solve the sometimes complex problem of how to prioritize content that may appear on your site in a number of different contexts.  For example, a news story may appear on your school’s front page, a departmental front page, and on a subject specific news index.  By adding or subtracting balloons you can position an item near the top in one context and lower down in others.