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Feeds represent syndicated content that users can subscribe to, and that content editors may use to import dynamic content from.

Feeds, such as iCAL and RSS, can be both exported and imported from LiveWhale. Content in LiveWhale is automatically available for consumption by site visitors, and can be offered in a variety of contexts.

Additionally, some content types can pull dynamic content into LiveWhale from external feeds. For example, your group may subscribe to a third party calendar whose events you wish to display on your web site. It is also possible to embed a feed directly into a web page, without first managing that content within LiveWhale.

  • ICAL feeds are the primary feed type for dealing with events.  ICAL feeds were designed specifically to offer maximum features and flexibility when exporting event content to be used in external contexts. 

  • RSS feeds are a generic feed format that offers syndication for a variety of content types. RSS feeds were designed to offer a flexible means of syndicating content such as news stories.

LiveWhale supports both the importing and exporting of ICAL and RSS feeds in a variety of contexts.