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Found in the Admin Tools, Globals are system-wide settings for content that is automatically available to any LiveWhale user in any group.

For example, perhaps you have a series of tags that are closely tied to your institutional message/mission or typical places on campus that you might hold an event. To make it both easier for your users to enter event content and also have them self-aggregate around terms and naming you desire, you create content in Globals.


It’s best to keep this series of tags at a reasonable size, since they will be available to all your users. Any tags given stars on this list will automatically appear on the front-end calendars.

Shared Widgets

Shared widgets allow you to create aggregated forms of content that are available to all, and can dictate certain styles and structure which you maintain. The best thing about shared widgets is when they are combined with group=me, they automatically inherit the local group’s content.

Event Categories

Unlike tags, widgets and places, which can be created by a single group in addition to system-wide shared globals, event categories are by default system-wide.  When starred here, they display on all front-end calendars.


Places are locations to which you can assign events (and images too). Users can create their own places within their own groups, but if you want to help then aggregate around certain campus “default” locations with the correct name attached, a global place is the right choice.

Blurb Types

Global blurb types allow you to create shared collections of items of mixed content types.

Profile Types

Use global profile types for those profiles that users throughout your site will share— most commonly for faculty, staff, students and alumni.