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Login and logout

Content editors can log into LiveWhale’s administrative interface in order to gain access to tools for managing their content.

LiveWhale offers several options for user login.

  • LDAP: Our most popular choice. Login credentials are managed externally via LDAP/Active Directory and used for LiveWhale logins.

  • SSO: An existing SSO may be deployed in place of LiveWhale’s own login screen.

  • Self-managed passwords: Should you not have an LDAP or SSO system in place, LiveWhale is equipped with the ability to manage its own user accounts in a self-sufficient and secure manner.

  • Custom: If none of these options work best for you, then you can develop your own login plugin to implement an authentication procedure that integrates with whatever platform you happen to have.

Once finished with their duties, content editors can click the “Log out” link in the top righthand corner of any screen to log out of their LiveWhale account. If this is not done manually, their session will expire after an period of inactivity and they will be logged out automatically.