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LiveWhale’s user permission controls are designed specifically for the unique needs of academic institutions.

Administrators manage user permissions through the “Groups” link in the Admin Tools navigation.  This section contains a sub-navigation menu that includes “User” and “Group” management areas.  The “Group” management area provides an interface for setting the portion of the site the group is responsible for, and the general permissions that group members receive.  Adding a user to a group automatically grants the user permission to whatever page editing and template permissions are set for the group.

A user may be given permission to additional modules, templates, and page editing locations via the “User” management area.

Page Editing Permissions

A user can edit any page owned by any group they are a member of.  Administrators specify which directories a group can edit by adding them to the “Group Page Editing Permissions” section of the group edit page.  An admin can grant a user additional page editing permissions by adding additional paths to the “Additional Page Editing Permissions” section on the user edit page.

Page/Directory Creation and Deletion Permissions

Only administrators can edit the list of directories under which groups and users can edit pages.

User Module Permissions

Administrators can specify which modules a user can edit.  This is helpful when you have users that you know will only manage certain types of content, such as news or events.

User module permissions are managed using the “Authorized modules” section of the user edit page.  It is not possible to limit the modules that admin users can access.