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Most dynamic content in LiveWhale, like news stories or events, can be actively shared— or Suggested— to other groups.

Immediately above the save button, you’ll see that you can suggest your item to other groups. You can select one group or several and when you save, each of the members of those groups will receive a notification that you’ve suggested your item to them.

Naturally, other people can also suggest their content to you too. Once shared, the recipient can choose from three options:

  • Accept the item as a link. You can re-tag your shared version and change the title, summary or image, but not other fields. If the original item is hidden or deleted, then you will receive a notification that your item is also.
  • Accept the item as a copy. This means you have full access to change anything about the item and if the original is hidden or deleted, your version stays.
  • Say “No thanks.”