DIGITAL FORAYS: Mediating the News: Digital Platforms & Publics

12:30pm EDT September 24

Many dynamic “alternative” news portals & collaboratives have developed during/since the Arab Spring. How do they spread information and create publics beyond the traditional news cycle? Most often this happens through websites, social media and by creating dynamic content across various digital entanglements. Yet how do they mobilize their messages across different platforms specifically? Why one platform over another? For instance, why Instagram videos vs Tweets / Youtube channels versus Facebook - how might we understand the logic and practice of creating media, public, and engagement through their various digital practices - and how are these embedded in a larger media landscape where “traditional” media are often connected with the state. This week questions the role of the app/medium/phone in how these organizations reach, disseminate, and engage digitally with their (counter)publics.

Join the Kevorkian Center with Josette Khalil (MEGAPHONE), Gürkan Özturan (Dokuz8 Haber), Lina Attalah (Mada Masr) and discussant Bilge Yeşil on September 24, 2020, at 12:30 pm (EST) to think through these questions and discuss together issues of digital platforms and publics. To register please follow the link here or copy and paste the link to your browser: