DIGITAL FORAYS & GLOBAL UPRISING: Archiving a Revolution: Smartphones, Social Media, & Protest

12:30pm EST November 5

If social media was hailed as crucial to the start of the Arab Spring, what has the last 10 years brought in terms of increasing cellphone connectivity, usage, and entwinement in our lives? A flood of research pinpointed changing digital access/practices as linchpins of the Arab Spring (perhaps overly simplistically, or correct) - but what is our perspective looking back over the last 10 years? How do/did we archive the “Arab Spring” and the other swells of protest and dissent across the region? Looking back on what/how we “save,”what do we learn about documentation, memory and access? The speed, scope, and prevalence of various technologies has expanded exponentially, yet how are we activating/archiving current protests as they now occur?

This panel looks back on many connected waves of protest, but also zooms out to our global present to explore dissent, smartphones, and the digital ephemera that overflow from an ongoing Global Uprising. What does this tell us about the current moment - but some future direction of digital visuality and digital dissent.

Join the Kevorkian Center with Omar al Ghazzi and Jasmina Metwaly, TBD and discussant TBD on November 5, 2020, at 12:30 pm (EST) to think through these questions and discuss issues of technology & protest. To register please follow the link here or copy and paste the link to your browser: