Kehlmann in CTRL: A Conversation among D. Kehlmann, B. McCann, & C. Blume

1:00pm EDT April 21

Open Austria Art + Tech Lab and Deutsches Haus at NYU present a conversation between renowned author Daniel Kehlmann and philosopher and AI researcher Bryan McCann, who will discuss collaborating on “AI Storytelling,” an innovative project in which they jointly explore and experiment with the process of creating new stories by working with an NLP-based (natural language processing) algorithm named CTRL. Kehlmann reflected on this creative collaboration between art and technology and on the challenges of human and artificial creativity in his widely acclaimed new essay “Mein Algorithmus und ich” [My Algorithm and Me], from which he will read in the essay’s congenial English translation by Ross Benjamin during the event. The conversation between Kehlmann and McCann will be moderated by Clara Blume (head of Open Austria’s Art and Tech Lab) and will include a live demonstration of Kehlmann’s collaboration with CTRL, providing insight into which formats proved more successful than others.

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