New York City Alumni Club Reception

6:00pm EDT October 7,0,400,250/41862_8c4c9d41-4a95-45be-8dbc-67537d2fdd7f1.webp 2x,,0,400,250/41862_8c4c9d41-4a95-45be-8dbc-67537d2fdd7f1.webp 3x">,0,400,250/41862_8c4c9d41-4a95-45be-8dbc-67537d2fdd7f1.jpg 3x">,0,400,250/41862_8c4c9d41-4a95-45be-8dbc-67537d2fdd7f1.jpg 3x" loading="lazy" /> After a year and a half of exclusively virtual events, we are thrilled to host an in-person reception for our New York City Penn Law community. There’s a lot to catch up on, so we invite you to come reconnect with and meet fellow alumni in the local area.