Table of Contents

User Guides

User guides are self-contained how-to guides on specific topics. We welcome your ideas on user guides you’d like to see; if your topic of interest isn’t covered here, it’s probably in our documentation.


Documentation for [ all products / LWC / CMS ] 

For Users

Documents on the basics of using LiveWhale to manage the content of your site or calendar.

For Communicators

Documents on more advanced content management topics, community management, and content strategy.

For Developers

Documents for LiveWhale developers on advanced topics like theming, interface customization, widget development, and site/server configuration.

  • Introduction to LiveWhale
  • Logging In
  • Managing Content (Generic versions of our typical client help docs, that can be copied over to new sites as a starting point)
    • Page Editing
      • Pages and Navigations
      • Notes and Notifications
    • News
    • Blurbs
    • Profiles
    • Events
    • Forms
    • Blogs
    • Files
    • Locations
  • Advanced topics in content management
    • Using tags and categories
    • Working with Images
    • Video and Media
    • Custom URLs
    • Creating widgets (basics)
  • Curating community content
    • (“advanced” topics that communicators handle)
    • Content sharing
    • Bulletins
  • Groups and users
    • Group settings
    • User settings and permissions
    • Adding and removing users
    • Single sign-on
  • How LiveWhale Works
  • Glossary of Terms
  • (Developer docs in categories)
  • Reference guides:
    • XPHP Variables
    • Widget format variables
    • Widget arguments
    • Calendar components