This handler fires immediately after an item is created or updated that originates from a synced source. Or, if the original event has not been changed, the handler is called with mode=unchanged. (At present, $type may only be ‘events’.) An example module is below.

Parameter Description
$type currently only works for $type = “events”
$subscription_id id of the linked calendar
$event_id id of the event just created/updated
$mode “create”, “update”, or “unchanged”
$item array of the original feed item values
       'title'=>'My App',

    class LiveWhaleApplicationMyApp {

        // perform additional form validations
        public function onAfterSync($type, $subscription_id, $event_id, $mode, $item) { 
            global $_LW;
            if ($type == 'events') {

                // use the $subscription_id to only apply this to a certain linked calendar
                if ($subscription_id === 17) {
                    // check $item/$mode and take any desired actions