Hide specified gallery types from the Insert > Slideshow wysiwyg selector

Accepted values: array of strings

Context: Global (client/global.config.php)

In some cases, you might have gallery types used by your theme (or core types like “mini” or “simple”) that you don’t want editors selecting from the Insert > Slideshow menu.

$_LW->CONFIG['HIDE_GALLERY_TYPES']=['mini','home-page']; // hide gallery types from WYSIWYG selector

You can add the above to /livewhale/client/global.config.php to hide those gallery types from the WYSIWYG selector. Note, these types will still be supported when hard-coded into pages/templates, or when users create/edit an Inline Gallery Widget. This configuration is intended simply to hide them from day-to-day editors using Insert > Slideshow.