Only show next instance of a repeating/multi-day event

Accepted values: true/false/non_starred

Content types: Calendar, Events


Default behavior

By default (hide_repeats=false), event lists and calendar views will show daily instances of each multi-day event, in addition to all repeats of an events series. Setting hide_repeats=true instead only shows one event in each case: the next daily instance of a multi-day event, and the next instance of a repeating series.

Using stars for finer control of hide_repeats

In general, most widgets work well with hide_repeats=true. However, you may have some cases where there is an upcoming event (that’s not the next one in the series) you still want to feature. In those cases, setting hide_repeats=non_starred will continue hiding unstarred repeats, but then you can star any that you still want to appear in your widget or API results.

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