Show items that are tagged with specific tag(s)

Accepted values: string (any tag name)

Content types: All

Related settings: exclude_tagtag_modeuse_tag_classes


Default behavior

When no tag setting is specified, widget and API results will be returned regardless of tags.

Setting multiple tags

The tag setting allows multiple values. You can set these by adding multiple lines:

<arg id="tag">Basketball</arg>
<arg id="tag">Baseball</arg>
<arg id="tag">Soccer</arg>

Or you can bar-separate your preferred values.

<arg id="tag">Basketball|Baseball|Soccer</arg>

These same approaches also work with embedded widgets (&tag=Baseball&tag=Basketball) and the API (/tag/Baseball/tag/Basketball).

If one or more tag settings have been enabled in a saved widget or widget template, you can zero them out by setting an empty value:

<!– this will only show Soccer results –>
<arg id="tag">Basketball|Baseball|Volleyball</arg>
<arg id="tag"></arg>
<arg id="tag">Soccer</arg>

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