select one of the options below with an action and a value to filter based on your criteria

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When using the filter setting in data-options or the REST API, the key is “filter” and then the value is a bar-separated set of your filter settings. This normally takes the form {field}|{operator}|{value}, like, title|matches|Welcome or gid|equals|7.

Supported operators for the filter setting include:

  • equals
  • not_equals
  • contains
  • matches
  • not_matches
  • before
  • after
  • less_than
  • greater_than
  • range
  • has
  • not_having
  • regexp
  • not_regexp

and have the same meanings as the associated XPHP Conditional operations.

Note: When using has or not_having to check for the existence or absence of a field via data-options or the REST API, you don’t need to supply a value, but you do still need two separate | to meet the required syntax. This means /filter/profiles_17|has| is the proper syntax for “return results where profiles_17 has some value.”

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